FROM GOD’S OWN COUNTRY TO THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY;  The Journey of our Life and faith

FROM GOD’S OWN COUNTRY TO THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY;  The Journey of our Life and faith


This wonderful book is an autobiography written by Dr. THOMAS ELIAS and Dr. GRACY ELIAS about theirsuccessful life journey with the help and guidance of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. This book is a look back into the life of the blessed family of the authors and they exhort the readers to see what God has done for them in their life.

They want to tell the world that with the help of Jesus everything is possible. Jesus can solve each and every problem in the life of a person and lead him to success even from humble beginnings in life.

The book is well organized and quite attractive with the factual accuracy of the contents and quotations from the Bible. Authorstried to exalt the miraculous deeds of God the Almighty throughout their life journey without fail. This book highlights the blessings of God in their life. The authors portray with examples that a successful and blessed transition in a person’s life is possible only with the guiding hands of God. They give utmost care in their narration to glorify God. As this book is based on the real life experience of Dr. Thomas and Dr. Gracy in various walks of their life, it has the touch of reality, sincerity, elegance, self-criticism and beauty.

Book Review
Dr. Omana Russel

The book includes three parts. Part 1, My Story, is the story of the life of Dr. Thomas in India and the USA before he got married. Fourteen chapters are used for the vivid description of his studies and experiences in India and the US which is quite interesting and truthful. The readers can feel God’s love, care, guidance, sincerity and faithfulness in this story. In this part, Dr. Elias puts forward his real experience as a child and youth and thankfully reveals that only with the help of God, he could achieve his education and professional excellence from very humble beginnings.  From a very small village in Kerala, he could achieve high educational qualifications and professional excellence through which he could reach and teach in the world renowned institutions and universities in the USA only with the guidance of God. He worked in the prestigious institution, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) which reveals his professional excellence. Dr. Thomas Elias worked with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India. He gives all the glory to Jesus who helped him to reach the highest position in his professional life and career as an engineer and university professor. He was also honored with the Distinguished Professor Award in 1987.

In part II, Her Story, Dr. Gracy describes her own life in India using six chapters. This part gives a true description of her family, childhood memories, school life, college years, spiritual background etc. From her early age, she believed Jesus as her great Healer and she says, Jesus is the only doctor she was familiar with to approach for her healing. In the divine healing process, God can use doctors, other medical personnel and their skills. She emphasizes the power of the Holy Spirit to lead a holy and victorious life in this world. She chose the narrow way with Jesus Christ, the path to eternal life without getting entangled in worldly pleasures. Her sincere wish and prayer to God is to help her not to trade the heavenly joy for the fleeting worldly pleasures. She is a scientist and educator and her desire in life is to proclaim and write about God’s mercy and grace in her life. Dr. Gracy believes that God has a master plan for each of our lives and sometimes He prunes us and brings us out of difficult circumstances in life and makes us useful to Him and others as well. But God does not do anything to hurt His children.

Part III includes forty nine chapters in which they give a vivid picture of the life story of their married life of forty three years together with God. Their faithful life together still continues with God’s grace and is a model to their children as well as many families who come in contact with this truly blessed couple. The authors examine their happiness, problems, blessings, achievements etc in their life and try to see the unchanging helping and comforting divine presence throughout their lives to encourage, heal and guide them in all their life situations. They had to face phases of financial insecurity and had to live by faith and thereby understood the truth that God is their only real and safe security in life. In times of uncertainty, illness and agony, they were strengthened and encouraged by the promises from the Bible and learnt to trust in God completely for every need and not to depend on their strength, education and ability. They believe that God allowed them to go through difficult situations so that they could understand and comfort others who go through painful situations in their life. Moreover, God allows these trials to purify us so that we can reflect His character in our lives and others may see Christ through us.

The merit of the work lies in the depending nature of Dr. Thomas Elias and Dr. Gracy in the infallible hand of God in whatever they accomplished in their lives. They are ready to take risks and remain optimistic. Informative, insightful and timely, this book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to lead a pure and faithful life with the presence of God.

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Gracy who have love in their hearts for God and each other have brilliantly responded to a tremendous need of church and society, with careful observation, keen involvement and extensive research to bring out God’s care throughout their life which is an inspiring testimony to other people who struggle to lead a successful life. They humbled themselves and handed over the ownership of their lives to Jesus who guided their paths in life. The Bible verse, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven” is true in their life.

Divorce is very common nowadays even among Christians. From their experiences of conducting family seminars, Christian financial planning seminars and marriage counseling for younger and older couples, they understand that incompatibility of financial goals between husband and wife and the resulting financial problems are a major reason for the failure of marriages today. So this book is an eye opener which uncovers the secret of successful family life and the ways to overcome very difficult situations and hard realities in family life. The authors believe that family is ordained by God and God must be in the centre of every family. Studying and meditating on God’s Word as well as praying together as a family are key elements of the family’s spiritual growth and well being. In such a God-centred family divorce can not occur. They truly believe that marital love is not a fleeting or momentary feeling, whereas it is a life-long commitment between a man and a woman. They understood each other and appreciated each other’s strengths and weaknesses and they responded to each other’s feelings, emotions and needs which is the secret of the success of their family life. When they look back into their forty three years of life, they witness that it has been a great life together with God’s protection and guidance, who knows the past, the present and the future of each and every person.

Anybody who comes in contact with this couple can never forget their love, humility, generosity and hospitality. They are the salt of the earth in the real sense of the term and both of them are ‘beautiful vessels’ used for God’s glory.

 Dr. Thomas Elias is an ordained minister who was an Associate pastor at Cornerstone Assembly for more than fourteen years. He has been busy with preaching and teaching in his church as well as outside for over thirty years. When he had been working as Chaplain, some of the patients he visited found Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

They suggest a few practical lessons for the present Christian believers and remind us that genuine Christian life is a way of the cross, not one of comfort and glamour. But Jesus is with us who will never leave us or forsake us. God’s words are eternal and unchanging. The authors have successfully discussed about the lessons for victory by applying Scriptures in our daily life.

Chapter forty five reveals the secret of child rearing in a Godly environment which we can follow in our lives also. They have two children, Joe and John and both received the Presidential Scholar Award from the American President George W. Bush at the White House which is the highest award a high school senior can receive in the United States. They are excellent and God fearing Medical Doctors who follow their parents’ faithful life with God’s control all times. They still remember the secret their parents whispered every night before they went to sleep in their childhood days. They understood that they could accomplish anything with God’s help if they worked hard and this is relevant throughout their life.

Focus on Eternity, Take risks in life, Pursue excellence, Enjoy life etc are the themes described in the chapter ‘Insights for life.’ In the last chapter, the writers reveal their faith that Lord is a shield around them who lifts their head high. They sincerely pray for making them a blessing to everyone they come across or deal with and other people to see God’s love reflected in their lives. Really, God accepted them as ‘lights on lampstands’ spreading God’s light to the dark world around them.

They have added more meaning to this work using their own life experiences and stories including their problems and dependence in God with sincere prayers to find solutions. They used Bible verses and quotations from famous writers to substantiate their views.

The title of the book is creative with good graphic design and the artistic cover reflects substantive content. The treatment of the subject matter in this book is quite practical, positive and unique because most people are afraid of telling their life stories because of their failures in life and these families are not models for others and their children to imitate.

This book is a very good guide for the families for leading day-to-day life in a challenging world with new issues and problems. We can find wealth of information in this valuable book for leading a successful family life in this world together with Jesus Christ.

This autobiography is a great eye-opener and a finger pointed towards our life for all those who sincerely want to lead a successful Christian life. The authors deserve praise and God’s blessings for their genuine attempt and sincere effort to give a comprehensive picture of their life with the guidance and presence of God. The style of the book is lucid and makes an interesting reading. My hearty congratulations for bringing out such a challenging, thought provoking and encouraging book which we need these days, extremely useful to all Christians and the public as well to lead a successful life. So I strongly recommend everyone to read this precious book which is filled with positive energy and practical lessons. The book is published by Trilogy Christian Publishers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trinity Broadcasting Network, USA. The paper and electronic (Kindle) copies of the book are available at Amazon.

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